November 2010: Otto and Ingo at the opening of Motorshow at Bildmuseet. 

November 2010: Josefin Bergman and Matti Sumari help installing the show at Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden. 

November 2011: Radek Stypczynski works with the shellac finnish. 

November 2010: The ladders arrive in Sweden. 

November 2010: Annette silk screened a series of t-shirts. 

October 2010: The ladders in Brett's workshop. 

August 2010: Lumber & Millwork prepaire the wood for the ladders. 

August 2010: Stacking and sealing the boards. 

August 2010: Milling at Kevin's place. 

August 2010: Mitch and the Hoodcat. 

August 2010: Working with the frames for the SMART Museum. 

August 2010: The new fence for the tree farm. 

August 2010: Installing the sign. 

July 2010: Unfortunately, we had to relocate a family of wasps.  

July 2010: Luis Thompkins aka Bo, the new site manager, with Ingo and Annette in front of the almost finished fence. 

July 2010: Building the fence. 

July 2010: Fun things to do with an overpowered rental car: Towing ghetto palms. 

July 2010: Annette posing with chain saw 

July 2010: Stephanie P. Smith from the SMART Museum of Art Chicago visits us in Detroit. 

May 2010: A stack of tree of heaven wood at Kevin's place. 

May 2010: The mill at Kevin's place. 

March 2010: Radek Stypczynski assists Ingo building the frames for the Iaspis presentation. 

March 2010: Kevin took down some trees.