October 2008: Checking the Ailanthus trees at Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale, Metro-Detroit. 

October 2008: A nice specimen in front of the Mies van der Rohe apartment houses in Detroit 

October 2008: Again problems with bugs in the wood. The Noguchi Museum staff won't take any risk.  

October 2008: Dylan and Mitch in New York  

October 2008: The wood from the solar kiln is ready to use  

September 2008: Problems with bugs in the wood. Rose Pest Control is fumigating the crate for the Berlin exhibition. 

September 2008: Mitch repairs the mill which Kevin recently bought.  

September 2008: We are looking for a suitable trunk for the last installment of the "Shrinking Cities" exhibition at Akademie der Künste, Berlin.  

September 2008: Kevin looking for new trees to cut down. 

August 2008: Brett Lee Pickens at gorgeous Lumber and Millwork  

August 2008: Six benches are going to the "Heartland" exhibition. 

August 2008: Six benches are going to the "Heartland" exhibition. 

July 2008: The neighborhood kid. 

August 2008: A sign is repainted in Mitch's studio. 

April 2008: Assembling the solar-powered kiln at Socrates Sculpture Park (Long Island, NYC).  

March 2008: Taking down the tree and milling the boards  

February 2008: The same tree in 2008.  

February 2008: Early photograph (1974) of the Ailanthus tree at the Noguchi Sculpture Garden.  

February 2008: Mitch's sketch for the solar-powered kiln.