Gudaträdet frodas i Detroits ruiner
Kulturnytt, Sveriges Radio P1 29 Nov 2010

Hjärtpunkten Chicago
Dagens Nyheter 10 Dec 2009

Make: Volume 20 November 2009

Reassessing MiddleCoast Art
ARTslant Chicago 26 Oct 2009

Frieze Magazine Jan-Feb 2009.

A Midwest of Movers and Makers.
American Craft Editor's Letter, December/January 2009.

A Tree That Survived a Sculptor’s Chisel Is Chopped Down.
New York Times 27 March 2008.

Urban Retreat: Motor City Hosts a Probing Look at Boomtowns in the Bust of Times.
Washington Post 17 Feb 2007.

Adaptation Laboratory.
Borries + Böttger (Ed.), Updating Germany, Ostfildern 2008
The publication of the German Pavillion at 11th International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia

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Ghetto palm
metrotimes10 Dec 2003