Noguchi Museum, Long Island City, NY, USA

Tree processing March/April 2008, workshop October 08-10, 2008, presentation October 11, 2008, panel discussion October 12, 2008

The cooperation with the Noguchi Museum is unusual insofar as the curators approached us to work with the wood of a full grown Tree of Heaven specimen which had to be removed from the sculpture garden of the museum. We took down the tree, processed the wood and built a solar kiln at the nearby Socrates Sculpture Park. In a three day workshop with neighborhood kids, we introduced our approach to work with local ressources and presented the results in the museum.

As a next step, we develop a series of furniture for the museum, which will be build from the wood of this tree.

Kiln operated with solar energy, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island/New York 

Workshop at the Noguchi Museum 

Workshop at the Noguchi Museum 

End of the workshop and presentation of the results