Open House - New Beginnings

Iaspis, Stockholm, Sweden
March 26 & 27, 2010

Open house at Iaspis with Can Altay, Nicolas Bourriaud, Lina Bjerneld, Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, Daniel Eatock, Fatale, Sönke Hallmann, Mako Ishizuka, Lina Issa, Armando Lulaj, Tom McCarthy, Jesper Nordahl, Carl Palm, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Cecilia Parsberg, Sinziana Ravini, Hans Rosenström, Cecilia Sjöholm, Sven-Olov Wallenstein and Ingo Vetter/Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop

Welcome to the first Open house of the year 2010 at Iaspis in the spirit of theatre. 15 artists will participate, all of whom have held residencies of various durations, at Iaspis in Stockholm. Guest producer is Sinziana Ravini (Paris), curator and writer.

Ingo Vetter presents some photos from the coming "Motorshow" project in collaboration with the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop.