Ghetto Palm Steam Room to Cure What Ails You

Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

We received an invitation from artist and curator Graem White who was working on an exhibition at Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The show presented devices to facilitate creativity, work, expression and necessary tasks, as well as those which interpret the world around us. For this exhibition, we decided to further explore the trees healing capacities and we came up with the “Ghetto Palm Steam Room to Cure What Ails You”. We created a special kiln that was able not only to dry the wood, but extract the moisture and save it. This produced over 5 gallons of Tree of Heaven water every day for two months. We saved this water and later used it to produce steam for the Ghetto Palm Steam Room. The smell was obviously that of the Ghetto Palm. Pieces of wood from the tree were placed on the ground creating a loose wood floor and two half stumps were made into seats. On the outside of the steam room was the humidifier with a tube feeding the steam into the room and a supply of tree of heaven water in recycled plastic Absopure water containers.